How heavy is that Cattle Food ?

For those wondering about how much weight you’ll need to carry around in that Hungry Cattle challenge, here’s some background info.

This is using dry white rice. My empty trough is 76 grams, a full-ish one is 460 grams. So just under 400 grams of rice to fill one trough completely, or about 200g to fill one half-way.

So 3 troughs would be about 600g.

If you’re worried about weight, i wonder what an equivalent volume of Rice Crispies would weigh? Or if cows like Rice Krispies ??

@keegan had a great idea in today’s Discord (jan 9) — when you print your troughs, change color half-way up to make it easy to show that its half-full.

Empty trough 76g
Filled trough 460g