Introducing the Barn Rats

Hi — i’m little bRat, and i’ll be your guide this next couple months as we watch those tech guys teach my big brother bRattyPi some new tricks. I’m actually the smart one in the family, but big brother wants to believe he is. He thinks he’s a pretty cool dude, but me and all the sibs know he’s actually pretty square.

Me and all the brothers live in a barn that lives in a basement in the middle of Michigan, in the US of A. Its a pretty cool place, with lots of screens and technical gizmos. I don’t really understand a lot of that stuff, but big bro bRattyPi claims he does and that he’s itching to learn how to play with some of the new toys those tech guys are making. Frankly, i think its just fleas that have got him itching.

Anyhow, here’s a pic of me and the fam, just hangin’ out (that’s me – the biggest and handsomest rodent in the photo above; big bro bRattyPi is the guy dressed in yellow and blue; all together we’re the family of Barn Rats). You’ll be seeing a lot of us this next couple months as we all watch bRattyPi learn his stuff.